Code Minifier

Last Version Submitted: 1.2.0 (4)

Version currently available for download: 1.2.0 (4)


IMPORTANT: Since I have stopped developing applications for Mac App Store, Code Minifier will soon become open source and free. It will be available on my github account.

Note: If the app fails to launch after updating, please delete it and download it again.


Code Minifier is a lightweight app made for web developers and website owners. It can reduce the size of HTML, JavaScript and CSS files by removing everything that is unnecessary. Smaller files mean reduced loading time and bandwidth usage for your website.

  • Simple UI.
  • Load files via drag and drop or using an open file dialog.
  • Preview mode for HTML files. Confirm that the minified page renders the same as the original page with ease.
  • Lightning fast minification that removes as much as possible without breaking the code.
  • Can detect JavaScript and CSS code embedded into HTML documents and minify them accordingly.
  • Works with any character encoding. Saved file has the same encoding as the loaded file.

Lots of features added with free updates since the initial release, and lots more are coming:

  • Minifying clipboard contents.
  • User preferences.
  • Real-time minification.
  • PHP and ASP support.
  • Obfuscation.


Detailed Information

HTML Minifier:

  • Removes all white space.
  • Removes all comments.
  • Collapses all adjacent white space in a text to a single space character, as this is the default behavior of web browsers too.
  • Does not touch the inner HTML of <pre> and <textarea>.
  • Passes the contents of <script> and <style> to their language's minifying engine.
  • Removes unnecessary tag closures. (e.g: </html>, </thead>, ...)
  • Removes the quotes around an attribute if it is okay to do so.

JavaScript Minifier:

  • Removes all white space.
  • Removes all comments.
  • Does not touch strings and regular expressions, does not get fooled by character escapes in them.
  • Does not blindly remove new line characters, makes sure that the code works without them.

CSS Minifier:

  • Removes all white space.
  • Removes all comments.
  • Optimizes color codes.
  • Does not touch strings.